Abdominoplasty and the “Infinity Umbilicoplasty”

Dr. Raniere realizes that the belly button is the focal point of the abdomen and special attention should be given to this portion of the tummy tuck to obtain the best possible results.

The ideal belly button following a tummy tuck, should have soft contours, fullness at the top-most portion, and an un-operated look. Dr. Raniere has developed an interesting approach to the manner in which he constructs and relocates the belly button during abdominoplasty…the “infinity umbilicoplasty.” The incisions used look much like the car emblem (Infinity) and enable the resultant scar to be almost imperceptible in the lower portion, while retaining looser skin at the top.

Before and After Infinity Umbilicoplasty

This technique fixates the lowest portion of the belly button to the deeper portions of the abdominal wall and promotes the desired superior fullness, resulting in a rounder, more natural belly button with less visible scars. “I often have patients, who have had previous tummy tucks, elsewhere, consult with me because they were displeased with their results. Most commonly, they are unhappy with how unnatural their belly button looks, either due to excess scarring or a stuck on, circular look.”

Dr. Raniere uses this technique routinely in his abdominoplasty procedure, as well as in the most challenging revision cases. “My ultimate goal is to have a happy patient with minimal scars and a very natural, un-operated look.”

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