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The older we become, our skin slightly begins to droop and doesn’t hold as much volume as it once did. Areas of the face and neck begin to sag and pockets of excess fatty tissues causes the skin to look aged and neglected. The common changes we see in patients at Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center are furrowed lines in between the brows, deepened lines in the forehead, crow’s feet around and bags under the eyes, and the upper eyelids will begin to fall as well as and the skin begins to loses its integrity.

Jowls around the mouth, Marionette lines, and softened cheeks are an indication that a full facelift is needed. A full facelift or SMAS facelift readjusts the underlying muscle tissues that once acted as strong groundwork for the skin to hold on to. Aging causes this foundation of muscle tissues, attached to facial bones, to shrink and weaken. This surgical procedure will reposition these muscles to sit higher on the bone and pull the skin upward to restore a jubilant, youthful appearance.

Areas addressed by facelift surgery:

During your consultation for a facelift with an Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery physician, they will assess your facial structure and condition of the skin to see which combination of facial procedures will be the best fit for you. We offer customized surgical treatment plans for our facelift patients since every one of them requires something different and no two people are alike in the way they age. Your physician may offer visual simulations to help you see the difference a variety of techniques and procedure combinations will do for you. At Advanced Aesthetics, we refresh your facial features that have aged because of due to genetics, exposure to sun and weather, as well as lifestyle influences.

The Facelift Procedure

Before your surgery, your plastic surgeon will go over every step of the procedure and their full surgical plan alongside any side effects and aftercare instructions. Each facelift is performed within our surgical clinic, followed by a half hour to one hour of post-op recovery upon the completion of the surgery.

To begin the facelift procedure, your physician will make an incision along the hairline and natural folds of the ear to conceal any scarring that could form over time. During the facelift procedure, we often perform liposuction to remove any excess fatty tissues from the neck and other areas of the face to help contour the cheeks and neckline for an enhanced facial structure. Any extra skin left over after tightening will be removed. Your physician can recommend additional modifications such as fat grafting or facial implants as needed.

Following your facelift, there will be a two-week recovery period to allow healing of the underlying tissues and incisions. All detailed recovery instructions will be given before and after the surgery. You should start to see your full results after a six week period.

Facelift reduces the appearance of:

  •        Marionette lines
  •        Jowls
  •        Upper lips lines and lower lip lines
  •        Lax skin in the cheeks, forehead and neck
  •        Frown lines
  •        Deep lines and wrinkles

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