3 Ways Fat Grafting Can Enhance Your Look

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Doctor holding vials of prepared fat for fat grafting procedures.Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, is a popular contouring technique that has been used since the 1990s to improve various parts of the face and body. The surgical procedure extracts fat from one area via liposuction, processes the fat, and then re-injects the purified fat into another area that can benefit from additional volume. 

In addition to providing more slender contours in the area(s) where the fat is removed, it is also used to augment areas throughout the body.

Facial Fat Grafting

Thinning facial features is a common sign of the aging process and can leave you looking gaunt, tired, and harsh. 

Fat grafting can add volume to hollow areas in the face, such as the cheeks and temples. It is also great for filling wrinkles and fine lines in the face without needing repeated dermal filler injections. Fat grafting is an excellent alternative to injectables because it provides more permanent results. Once the fat is injected, the majority of it will stay in the area. In comparison, injectables require frequent touch-ups.

Many patients choose to combine fat grafting with a facelift to restore volume.

Buttocks Fat Grafting

Fat grafting to the butt—known as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)—has become the go-to technique for modern butt augmentations. This method is much more popular than butt implants as it offers natural-looking results by using one’s own tissue.

This also reduces the risk of the butt implants moving, leaking, or needing to be replaced.

Fat grafting to the buttocks sculpts your entire midsection—highlighting an hourglass silhouette—since fat is commonly moved from the abdomen and waist to the buttocks. This technique leaves little to nothing in the way of post-operative scarring and has no chance of rejection since the fat is your own.

Breast Fat Grafting

Fat grafting alone can provide a subtle enhancement to the breasts, but it is more often used to supplement implants for patients with thin breast tissue who need more coverage. If a woman chooses to get a breast augmentation with implants that are too large for her natural breast tissue to support, breast fat grafting can help fill in the gaps.

Additionally, after breast cancer, mastectomy patients who undergo breast reconstruction can consider breast fat grafting to help reconstruct the breasts in addition to implants or flap techniques. This can help a woman feel like she has her natural breasts back.

Lastly, fat grafting can also provide breast lift patients with a slight volume increase without the need for implants. Every breast lift candidate is warned that a breast lift can lift the breasts but can’t add volume. Breast fat grafting allows these patients to get both the lift and the volume they want.

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Fat grafting is like getting a two-for-one deal on plastic surgery. You get the benefit of slimming down in a problem area and improving another area that needs extra volume. 

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