5 Reasons Not to Get Atlanta Breast Augmentation

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While women in Atlanta are known for their good looks, not every ATL gal feels confident about her appearance—especially if she’s lost breast volume or never had the full bosom she always wanted. Opting for breast augmentation can be a way to boost self-esteem and to feel more confident and beautiful.

But it’s not the right choice for everyone. So before you think about breast implants for yourself, consider these five reasons not to get breast augmentation in Atlanta:

5. You play for the Atlanta Rollergirls.

It’s rare, but extreme trauma to your breasts can cause an implant to rupture and deflate. You can participate in just about any activity without fear of damaging your implants, but activities like roller derby might cause your breasts to be hit extremely hard or severely compressed.

4. Your social calendar is too full to take any time off.

It can take several weeks for your implants to settle into position. Until then, your breasts may appear to sit higher on your chest than normal, and you’ll experience some swelling and tenderness. If your schedule is currently full of VIP events and social gatherings, wait until your calendar clears before scheduling your procedure.

3. You’re the knife-thrower’s assistant.

First, let us sympathize; that’s a tough way to make a living. But even if you feel that breast augmentation is your ticket to a better gig, we feel obligated to remind you of your occupational hazard: one “miss,” and you could be leaking saline solution! On the other hand, perhaps the new generation of cohesive silicone breast implants could offer a bit of protection?

2. Your boss promised you a raise to offset the costs.

Ever seen the movie “9 to 5?” Having your boss salivate over your figure could be a real problem. Even if someone else pays for the entire procedure, you shouldn’t jump onto the operating table. Breast augmentation is major surgery with social and personal consequences. Don’t do it for someone else.

1. You hate shopping for clothes.

Women who hate malls or spending money on clothes may cringe at the thought of a post-augmentation shopping spree for new bras, bathing suits, and tops. If you choose to get breast implants, be ready to buy some new outfits to show off your “girls.”

The board certified plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetics are available to help you make your Atlanta breast augmentation a success, and they want to ensure that you make the decision for the right reason—yourself!


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