Atlanta Breast Implants: Above or Below the Chest Muscle?

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery. If you are among the many women considering breast enlargement in Atlanta, you must decide—along with your plastic surgeon—the type and size of the implant, the location of the incision, and the position of the implant behind your breast.

Most women interested in augmentation already know about implant types (saline or silicone gel) and incision sites (for example, under the breast, around the nipple, or in the armpit). This article discusses where behind your breast to place the implant.

What Are Your Options?

There are three implant positions to consider. During a subglandular procedure, your plastic surgeon inserts the implant behind your mammary gland, but above the pectoral muscle. This placement is also referred to as submammary or retroglandular.

Another option is the subpectoral procedure. In this procedure, your surgeon places the implant behind the breast below the pectoralis major muscle of your chest. This is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a submuscular position, but in the subpectoral procedure, the implant is not entirely covered by muscle.

In an actual submuscular procedure, the implant is completely covered by muscle tissue in your chest. The surgeon uses not only the pectoralis major muscle, but other muscles as well to conceal the implant.

Which Procedure Is Best?

Each implant location has pros and cons. To understand all the implications of each option for you, discuss it with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

The subglandular procedure is appropriate for women who have adequate breast tissue to cover the implant. The subpectoral procedure offers advantages over the subglandular, such as minimizing the instance of implant rippling.

More and more, however, Atlanta plastic surgeons are opting for submuscular placement. Placing the implant under the chest musculature lessens the likelihood of the implant interfering with mammogram imaging, which can be a factor for women with a family history of breast cancer. This procedure also tends to look more natural for women with little of their own breast tissue.

Depends on Your Goals

Your body type and desired outcome may dictate a specific procedure. Submuscular placement is not appropriate for every woman. Discuss your goals with your surgeon. Trust your surgeon’s experience and skill, but do your own research. Ask about the different options, as well as the surgeon’s experience with each. Do not move forward with a breast augmentation in Atlanta until you are completely comfortable with your surgeon and the procedural details.

At Advanced Aesthetics, PC, our board certified plastic surgeons spend time with you at the consultation to get to know you and listen to your desires. We do physical exams to determine the most appropriate course of action to satisfy those desires. When considering Atlanta breast implants, come in for a free consultation and meet one of our skilled surgeons. The knowledge, experience, and care our physicians exhibit will inspire your trust.

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