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Top 5 Reasons for a Breast Revision

3 Minute Read:  Luckily, just because you have gone for breast augmentation once doesn’t mean you have to stick to your initial choice. A breast revision looks to improve or reverse the results of a previous breast augmentation. This could be due to a variety of reasons ranging from aesthetic concerns to medical necessities.  No […]

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Mom posing with post-pregnancy flab.

How to Enhance Your Contours With a Mommy Makeover

3 Minute Read:  Over the past decade, the term “Mommy Makeover” has swept through the cosmetic industry. The simplest definition of a Mommy Makeover is a collection of body contouring surgeries aimed at restoring your pre-pregnancy figure. Thankfully, however, motherhood is not a requirement to be a candidate. From new mothers to those who have […]

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Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling vs. Traditional Microneedling

2 Min Read:  Microneedling is a unique facial procedure that relies on your body’s own ability to repair itself. Microneedling is used to jump-start the body’s natural healing process (and increase collagen production), which encourages it to produce new, healthier layers of skin. This can be a great option for anyone who would like to […]

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breast augmentation patient

6 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Breast Augmentation

For over a decade, breast augmentation has topped the list of popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States and worldwide. With the procedure’s position in the mainstream, though, there comes a host of preconceived notions and stereotypes. There is significant misinformation available about the safety of breast augmentation, the results you can expect from the […]

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