Breast Augmentation Tips: Consider Your Personality, Lifestyle, and Profession

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If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you’ve got a lot to consider. Do I want silicone gel or saline implants? Where do I want them—over the muscle or under? When can I have the surgery? Usually the question our patients think about most is this one—how big do I want my breasts to be?

While there are some physical factors that should help guide all these decisions about breast augmentation, such as your frame, the size of your chest, and your natural breast size, there are a few other important considerations that you should not overlook. One is your personality, one is your lifestyle, and yet another is your profession.

  • Your personality. Are you the life of the party or are you the gal in the background? If you’re more outgoing, you may be perfectly happy with breasts that are larger than someone who is less vivacious. You may attract more attention than you’re accustomed to after your breast augmentation, so you should think about how you will handle the new interest that may be directed your way. If you want to enhance your breasts (but not announce them!), you may want a more subtle augmentation.
  • Your lifestyle. Are you very physically active, perhaps even a competitive athlete? If so, you need to consider your level of activity. You don’t want overly large implants to interfere with your exercise routine or to adversely affect your ability to compete. Large, heavy implants might not be appropriate for a serious runner, for example.
  • Your profession. You should also think about your professional life and how a new look might affect your relationships with your colleagues and your superiors, particularly if you’re in a conservative corporate environment. On the other hand, a breast augmentation might help you gain a competitive advantage in certain fields, such as modeling or performing.

We’re happy to discuss all your questions during a free consultation. Our board certified plastic surgeons have years of experience with breast augmentation and they understand that each patient has unique goals for her procedure. Make a list of your questions and come on in to visit with us!

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