Can an Atlanta Facelift Help Me Get a Job?

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As long as you’re capable and reliable, shouldn’t your skills—and not your looks—earn you the perfect job? While experience should trump looks for most jobs, the lines grow fuzzy when an aging facial profile or a double chin affects how others see you.

During the job hunting process, many things are out of your control. When you land an interview, you never know how many applicants you’re competing against. You may wow the hiring manager, but you can’t know when—or if—he’ll call you back. You may know your skills will benefit the company, but you can’t know if they can afford to hire you in this economy.

So focus on those things you can control—such as eating right, reducing stress, networking for connections, and of course, looking your best.

While it’s against the law for employers to discriminate against job candidates because of age, let’s face it—they still do. Historically, employers are less likely to choose an older candidate over a younger, equally qualified worker for a number of reasons. Even though studies prove older people make great hires, prejudice leads many interviewers to believe that older workers are slow to adapt, less likely to be up on the latest technology, and more likely to develop health issues.

Even fair-minded hiring managers are trained to sniff out weaknesses. Confidence is the key. After all, how can potential employers place their confidence in you and your abilities if you don’t have confidence in yourself?

Overcome those snap judgments and level the playing field by taking years off your appearance with a well-timed and well-executed cosmetic facial procedure. For some, a facelift in Atlanta is a viable way to boost confidence and provide the edge you need. If you can’t afford a facelift, consider treating frown lines and wrinkles with non-surgical options such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, wrinkle fillers, or a deep skin peel.

There are other less expensive ways to boost your appearance before seeking a new job. It’s the right time to buy the right outfit, whiten your teeth, and get a flattering hairdo. It’s also the perfect time to practice keeping your posture straight and your smile genuine.

Getting an Atlanta facelift, or any other cosmetic medical procedure, won’t guarantee you’ll get a job, and it won’t fix deep-seated self-esteem issues. But taking control of your appearance in ways that are right for you can boost your confidence and give you an edge in today’s unstable job market.


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