Can Atlanta Plastic Surgery Help Me Look Like Keri Hilson or Jovita Moore?

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Keri Hilson, born and raised in nearby Decatur, is a rising music star. Pretty and well proportioned, she’s adored by R&B fans all over the world. Jovita Moore is the face of Atlanta’s WSB-TV newscasts. Respected and admired, she can light up a room with her smile. Both women have little in common beyond their local connection.

Then again, neither counted on plastic surgery-enabled lookalikes. Should they be worried?

Most women have specific goals when they decide to pursue cosmetic surgery. Sometimes the goal is modest, such as a rhinoplasty procedure to finally “fix” her nose, making it more in balance with the rest of her face. Sometimes the goal is restorative, such as a breast lift with an augmentation to restore her figure to her pre-pregnancy years.

Occasionally, though, we see a woman who wants Atlanta plastic surgery to do more for her than fix or restore … she wants a complete makeover. As a result, we get requests from well-intended individuals for body procedures that aren’t only impossible; they’re dangerous. We get requests for facial makeovers that more closely resemble a remodeling than a reupholstering.

This is one reason ethical Atlanta plastic surgeons require a consultation before agreeing to operate on a patient. A consultation isn’t the law, but it is a good idea. A very good idea. No surgeon will operate on a patient without a consultation first. It is, of course, an opportunity for you to get to know the surgeon and describe what it is about your face or body that dissatisfies you. It is also, however, an opportunity for the surgeon to impart realistic expectations and assess you as a patient.

A consultation is a two-way street. If one lane is blocked, then the meeting breaks down. Both you and your surgeon must take time to listen as well as to speak honestly. This exchange of information sets the foundation for a successful plastic surgery procedure. You want to trust your doctor to deliver the results you are looking for, and the surgeon wants to trust that you understand what he can and cannot do.

So if you go into a consultation asking to look like Keri Hilson or Jovita Moore, the surgeon is going to have to spend the first part of your visit talking you down from your heights of fancy to find out what specifically you want him to do. Do you want a flatter tummy? Rounder curves? Brighter eyes? Fuller lips?

Once you have agreed on a procedure or on combining a few procedures, you must understand what realistic results you can expect. If you believe a few tweaks here and there will turn you into Keri II or Jovita Junior, then you may not be an ideal candidate for Atlanta plastic surgery, even if you’re physically healthy. Your plastic surgeon may decide not to proceed, knowing that no matter what he does, you will not be satisfied.

Just as you want your surgeon to do what he promised, he wants you to be ecstatic when he does. Listen to your surgeon during your consultation. Look at the before and after photos available to you in order to get a good idea what you may look like after your procedure. Most importantly, have realistic expectations. A good plastic surgeon does not try to make you look like someone else; a good plastic surgeon tries to make you look like you, only better.

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