Can Guys Really Tell if You Have Breast Implants?

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Plenty of ladies want a look that really turns heads, but what if your goal is just the opposite—to stay “under the radar” after breast augmentation?

Keeping your augmentation secret won’t be a problem when you’re clothed. But you might be wondering how things change when you’re up close and personal.

In an intimate situation, it’s possible that an astute partner might notice the scars from breast augmentation surgery, though he’ll have to look pretty darn closely to tell. The most popular incision site is the inframammary fold, along the crease underneath the breast. Normally this scar is well hidden by the breast fold and barely visible, especially if post-surgery scar care protocols are followed.

If they can’t see any scars, can a partner still see your breast implants? As long as you have adequate existing breast tissue to accommodate the implant, they’d be unlikely to see the outline of the implant itself. Saline implants are more likely to produce visible rippling than silicone gel implants because the saline freely moves within the shell. However, unless you have very thin tissue surrounding the implant, it’s usually pretty tough the tell the difference. Placing the implants under the muscle also helps make them less obvious if you have a small amount of natural breast tissue.

Now to the biggie—can your partner feel your implants?
Generally speaking, the more natural breast tissue you have to cover the implant, the more difficult it is to feel underneath your skin. A larger implant underneath very thin skin may be easier to feel, especially along its borders. If this concerns you, consider going with silicone gel implants, which provide a very natural feel that may fool even an experienced partner—especially if they have been expertly placed under the muscle.

The best first step to get just the look you want is to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. He or she can advise you on the best type, size, and placement for your body type, and will have the surgical expertise to deliver a beautiful result.

If you’re intent on having the least obvious augmentation possible, be sure to discuss the potential advantages of silicone gel implants with your surgeon. On the other hand, if you want a larger look that makes a statement, make sure you share these wishes with your surgeon also. We offer free consultations at Advanced Aesthetics and our surgeons are happy to discuss all the options with you; contact us to set up a convenient time.

So, now that you know the best ways to have a great-looking—and great-feeling—augmentation, it’s up to you if you want to tell the world or keep it a secret. Some ladies can’t wait to share the good news, while others relish the idea of keeping ‘em guessing. What matters most is that you’re thrilled with your results!


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