Can We Talk About Breast Augmentation in Atlanta?

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A generation ago, plastic surgery just wasn’t discussed in polite company—especially in the genteel South, and especially when it came to breast augmentation. Sure, people had it done, and sure, other people knew about it, but it was talked about in whispers, behind cupped hands.

Times have changed, and women in Atlanta, Georgia and all over the South are proud to admit they had some help in getting (or maintaining) a great figure. Whether it’s about being the center of attention, just catching up with your girlfriends, or returning your figure to what it was before you had kids, it’s okay to say you’re taking steps to feel more self-confident in your own skin.

Thanks to the popularity of the procedure (almost 317,000 women chose it in 2011), even breast augmentation is no longer the hush-hush subject it once was. Atlanta women are sharing their stories, from the type of implants they got to anecdotes about how the surgery changed their lives.

Some people might think that women who get breast augmentation are more concerned about their appearance than other women. But Southern women have a long tradition of maintaining a unique and polished beauty, and are no strangers to investing time and dollars in looking their best. Today, surgery is often a part of a woman’s beauty plan. That doesn’t mean women seeking bigger breasts in Atlanta, Georgia, or anywhere else, are especially vain. Southern women have always been known for their hospitality, well-deserved self-confidence, and pride in their appearance.

Thanks to people becoming more comfortable with their bodies and the things they do to build their self-confidence, it’s more and more common to talk about breast augmentation in Atlanta, and most everywhere else too! If you’re considering the procedure, talk to friends who have had it done. Talk to your partner or your family about their thoughts too (but make sure you make the decision for yourself!). And when you’re ready, talk to your Atlanta board certified plastic surgeon to learn more and develop a plan that will work for you.


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