staying fit in atlanta's heat

How to Stay Fit Through the Summer Heat

Summer in beautiful Atlanta is always full of outdoor events. Sunny days often call for shorts and bikinis, so if you’re unhappy with the way that you look it can cause you to lose confidence. Luckily, Georgia’s fresh air and sunshine offers many outdoor activities to help you stay fit. There’s nothing like good ol’ […]

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best exercise activities in atlanta

The 5 Best Exercises For Men

Each June, Men’s Health Month is recognized across the country. With many free health screenings, wellness fairs and educational classes offered, it is a time to grow awareness around preventable health conditions. Men of every age, shape and size are encouraged to practice a healthy lifestyle—not just during the celebrated month, but year round. While […]

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How to Make Plastic Surgery Work With Your Wallet

Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself. The way you look impacts your confidence and thus everything you do—at work and at home. But before you commit to the long-term benefits of cosmetic surgery, you’ll need a financial plan. Think it Through Considering plastic surgery is an exciting process. Once you pass the initial dreaming […]

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No More Drains: Dr. Feldman is Offering an Advanced Suturing Technique for Tummy Tuck Patients

Abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck) is an effective option for removing excess fat and skin, tightening remaining skin, and restoring weakened or separated muscles resulting from aging, weight loss, or pregnancy. The end result is an abdomen that is flat, smooth, and firm. Abdominoplasty is performed by surgically removing the apron of skin under the belly […]

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facelift atlanta

I Don’t Understand—Is “PureLipo” the same as “SmartLipo”? Is a “Lunchtime Lift” Different From a “Quick Lift”?

If you’re confused by all the cosmetic product and procedure names you might have run across on the Internet, we sympathize with you. It seems that there’s a new procedure introduced every day that promises to solve all your aesthetic issues. To further complicate matters, the names often go viral, and all sorts of crazy variations show […]

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abdominoplasty atlanta

What Do You Know About Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is about a lot more than just a nip here and a tuck there. Think you know a lot about cosmetic surgery procedures? If you want to test your knowledge of plastic surgery, take our interactive quiz. What you know—and don’t know—might just surprise you. The quiz is now closed. […]

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