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It’s officially the hottest month of the season, and for most people that means outdoor gatherings with family and friends. But July and August also generally call for more-revealing clothing as we look for ways to beat the heat. If you’re insecure about the way that you look though(remove though), you may feel too embarrassed to sport shorts and bikinis—leaving you to miss out on all the fun summer has to offer.

Leading an active lifestyle that is fueled by nutritious foods is the easiest, and most natural way to rid your body of unwanted fat. Especially during these warmer months, outside activities like biking, hiking and swimming are great ways to move and work your body. Healthy eating is also pretty easy in the summer, since fresh, in-season produce can be found at almost any local market.

Sometimes, though(leave out though), a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough. If eating right and exercising aren’t addressing your problem areas, then cosmetic enhancement can be a great way to boost your overall self-confidence.

At Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, we provide a handful of treatments and procedures to refresh your overall appearance. Whether you’re seeking nonsurgical or surgical options, we have just what you’re looking for.


CoolSculpting is ideal for those seeking a non-invasive approach to address their stubborn fat bulges. The procedure is FDA-approved and works by using a cooling technology to literally freeze and eliminate your unwanted fat cells.

This treatment is great for ridding unsightly fat on your chin, stomach, back, arms, legs or butt. And because no actual surgery is involved, many of our patients come by on their lunch break for a quick session.

Some surgeries can cause damage to surrounding tissues, but CoolSculpting only targets the fat cells. Most clients notice immediate improvement after their first treatment, but the real magic happens in the months following the session. Over time, your body will naturally dispose of the damaged, frozen fat cells—leaving you with smoother, tighter skin and an improved self-image.

When Surgery is the Best Option

Making the decision to undergo surgery can be an intimidating thought. How long will the procedure take? Will it be painful? How soon before I see results? These are all common questions that may be clouding your mind.

But if excess body fat has caused you to lose self-confidence, body contouring may be your best bet.

Our team of surgeons have more than 45 years of combined experience in plastic surgery and can effectively remove your unwanted fatty regions. At Advanced Aesthetics, we offer an array of surgical procedures to enhance your overall appearance, but considering which option is best for you will depend on your unique goals.

Reclaim your independence and say goodbye to your unwanted body fat with some of our most popular procedures, including:

LiposuctionMany of our patients choose liposuction to enhance their body image. The thigh and hip regions seem to be the most common among our liposuction clients, but the procedure can address any of your aesthetically unpleasing areas.

During surgery you will be placed under anesthesia to ensure you have a relaxing, pain-free experience. Once asleep, your plastic surgeon will then make tiny incisions and use a vacuum-like tool to suck out the unwanted fat.

Initial swelling and bruising may make it difficult to notice, but results are typically instant. Over the next couple of months, you can expect to achieve the full outcome of the liposuction procedure. You can expect to have a tighter, more toned shape and improved self-confidence following your body contouring procedure.

Tummy Tuck– If you’re not satisfied with the reflection staring back at you, a tummy tuck may be calling your name. Also referred to as abdominoplasty, this surgical procedure is ideal for those who have excess fat in the abdomen (stomach) area. The abdomen area can weaken with age or weight fluctuation, and a tummy tuck can help address that by tightening lost structure and sagging skin.

Once placed under anesthesia, one of our surgeons will make an incision between your belly button and pubic area. He will then lift the skin, tighten your muscles and eliminate your unwanted fat.

Some pain and discomfort following the tummy tuck is normal, so we suggest taking time away from vigorous activities. You can expect to be fully recovered in about two to four weeks with a flatter, more contoured abdomen.

Gynecomastia– Men, we’re looking at you on this one. If aging, genetics or additional weight have caused enlarged male breasts, a male breast reduction procedure can help restore your confidence.

A gynecomastia surgery can eliminate excess skin and fat from the chest and is ideal for men who haven’t had success with diet and exercise. Following the procedure, you can expect a recovery period of about 2 weeks.

While initial swelling and bruising may make it unnoticeable for a few days, you will see a dramatic improvement to the size and shape of your chest region.

Bye, Bye Bulging Fat

Regardless of your age or gender, feeling positive about the way that you look is a necessity. If excess fat or a disproportionate figure are holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest, consider a cosmetic enhancement with one of our board-certified surgeons.

At Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, we are proud to serve the Atlanta area with a variety of treatments and procedures to help you regain confidence. Our team of surgeons are knowledgeable, compassionate and precise, and will gladly take the time necessary to thoroughly explain our (your) options.

Deciding on a body contouring procedure can leave you with many questions or concerns, and we encourage you to discuss these with us at an initial consultation. Schedule a visit with us today by calling 770-461-4000, and you can get started on the journey to a happier, healthier-looking you.

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