Did Cleopatra Get a Nose Job? What Today’s Tabloids Would Say About History’s Most Famous Figures

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Tabloids love to speculate about celebrities. From rumors about Renée Zellweger’s new look to splashy reports of The Hills star Heidi Montag’s supposed 10 plastic surgeries, tabloids just can’t help asking, “Did she get work done?”

What would today’s rumor mill say about history’s most famous men and women? From nose jobs to ear surgery, we hope these historical spoofs of plastic surgery rumors will put a smile on your face.

Mona Lisa’s Perfect Pucker Due to Lip Injections?

This thin-lipped beauty is known for her sly smile, but what if her newfound fame prompted her to plump it up with lip injections? Recent reports show Lisa Gherardini with decidedly fuller, more defined lips—did Leonardo da Vinci play a hand in convincing his muse to get a little extra help after being immortalized in one of the world’s most treasured pieces of art? #monalisalipchallenge

Cleopatra’s Shocking Transformation!

Recently leaked family photos of Cleopatra show that her strong Roman nose may be a recent addition. To meet the pressure of beauty standards elevating women with strong, manly features, did this famous Egyptian pharaoh get a nose job? We’ll never know, but recent reports from her closest friends claim she was only correcting a deviated septum—and we’re not buying it!

Vincent Van Gogh: Ear Surgery Rumors Run Rampant!

Last month we reported artist Vincent Van Gogh’s unfortunate ear mishap, and now the question on everyone’s lips is “will he fix it?!” Simple and straightforward ear surgery could dramatically improve the appearance of the lacerated lobe, but will the tortured genius make a change? Or will he live with his self-inflicted deformity? Stay tuned!

Where Did Marilyn Monroe Get Her Curves?

Everyone’s favorite leading lady is well known for her curvy hips and ample bosom, but is she really au naturale? We spoke to a leading Hollywood plastic surgeon to get his opinion, and while the jury is still out, there’s a good chance Ms. Monroe’s transformation from thin to curvy was overseen by an expert touch. From breast augmentation to fill out evening gowns, to a Brazilian butt lift to add that extra bounce to her derriére, signs hint at multiple cosmetic procedures.

Andy Warhol’s Youthful Brow

His art is changing the world, but could BOTOX® have changed him? Andy Warhol’s famous fright wig conveniently and frequently hides his forehead from view, but what’s he hiding? A little BOTOX can go a long way when it comes to smoothing the brow, something which Warhol may or may not have experience with.

George Washington’s Teeth: Wood or Veneers?

The president has been seen sporting a slightly different smile lately, but no one can agree: wood or veneers? Reports of his new white chompers lead us to believe his cosmetic dentist chose ivory dentures to solve his dental woes, but we’ll never know. George Washington may have had only one real tooth when he took office, but his political prowess (and new set of teeth!) seems to give him quite a bite.

Have a silly historical headline of your own? Share it in the comments below!

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