Did Marlene Dietrich Invent the Facelift?

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Before plastic surgery became a commonplace form of self-improvement and a way of life for many celebrities, stars from the Golden Age had to develop ingenious ways to look young. One of the most famous (and most creative) of these stars was Marlene Dietrich. She devised seemingly tortuous methods of maintaining the youthful-looking face that her studios and audiences knew. At the age of 43, the darling of the big screen began ordering her stylists to pull pieces of her hair back to tighten her aging face muscles. Sometimes they pulled so hard they drew blood!

Dietrich was one of the first to employ hidden surgical tape to keep her face taut, and sometimes ran a thin gold chain under her chin and around her ears to keep her sagging jowls at bay. It’s said she went so far as to have her molars removed so her cheekbones would be more prominent on her famously sculpted face.

You can try tape tricks like Marlene or the thousands of lotions and creams advertised to give you back your youthful appearance, but nothing is more effective than professional facial rejuvenation from an accomplished and experienced facial plastic surgeon.

A variety of facial rejuvenation and facelift options are safe and readily available today. Depending on the extent of your skin laxity, you can opt for a mini or a standard facelift that lifts your sagging skin and removes excessive fat. You can improve individual features of your face with procedures such as a brow lift, chin augmentation, neck lift, or eyelid lift. Surgeries are often combined to produce the most effective and natural-appearing results.

If you prefer a non-surgical approach, injectables such as Botox®, Juvederm®, and Sculptra® offer relief from wrinkles and add volume to aging skin.

Now, back to Ms. Dietrich—while she did not invent the facelift as we know it, she may have been the inspiration for what is called a “Croydon facelift” in the U.K., which is a hairstyle in which the hair is severely pulled back from the face. Surgical facelift history began in the early 1900s, and facial plastic surgery evolved significantly after World War I when surgeons developed techniques to address facial injuries suffered by soldiers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to devise do-it-yourself facelifts, as the stars of yesterday did. At Advanced Aesthetics, we will guide you through the many facial rejuvenation procedures we offer to determine which one is just right for you. Come in for a complimentary consultation!

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