Don’t Run With Scissors: Exercises to Avoid After Breast Augmentation

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After you’ve had Atlanta breast augmentation surgery, you may want to get right back into the swing of daily life, but wait! Remember, your body needs time to heal.

After surgery, your breasts will be swollen and sore, and it takes time for your implants to settle into place and assume their permanent position. Doing too much too soon can slow healing, cause further discomfort, and even push your implants out of place. Don’t let your eagerness to exercise throw your new figure out of whack—you’ll be back in action, showing off your new shape, soon enough.

For the first few days after surgery, you probably won’t feel like doing much in the way of exercise. It’s important to take this time off to rest and let your body recuperate from the surgery—it’s your perfect excuse to hog the remote and get waited on for a change. Any brisk or strenuous activity during this period may have you reaching—carefully—for your pain medication.

Most women feel up to light activity within a week. Start with slow, gentle walks; let your comfort level be your guide. Don’t overdo it. Even if you’re feeling great and are eager to get back into your exercise routine soon after your breast augmentation, you should avoid some types of exercise for a few weeks more:

  • Aerobics—Aerobic exercise raises your blood pressure and could cause you to begin bleeding again. To prevent injury to your breasts, avoid things like jumping jacks, calisthenics, and even dancing.
  • Weight Lifting—Lifting weights could cause your implants to move to a different position. Even after you’ve been cleared to start weight training again, be cautious when resuming chest exercises to avoid straining the muscles that support your new implants.
  • Running or Jogging—These high-impact exercises carry the same risks as aerobics and weight lifting do. Ease back into this exercise slowly, starting with a brisk walk and increasing the speed and intensity of your workout gradually.
  • Biking—You may think biking is great choice because it doesn’t put much strain on your chest area, but you still need to be careful. Like aerobics and jogging, biking can raise your blood pressure.

We generally recommend that our breast augmentation patients wait 2 to 6 weeks after surgery to resume these exercises. During your follow-up visits, your board certified Atlanta plastic surgeon can tell you know when it’s safe to resume your exercise program, based on your personal needs.

To minimize discomfort and muscle strain caused by the added weight of your new breasts, always wear a sports bra while you exercise. Take it easy, move at your own pace, and of course—no running with scissors.

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