How to Make Plastic Surgery Work With Your Wallet

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Smiling Beautiful Young WomanPlastic surgery is an investment in yourself. The way you look impacts your confidence and thus everything you do—at work and at home. But before you commit to the long-term benefits of cosmetic surgery, you’ll need a financial plan.

Think it Through

Considering plastic surgery is an exciting process. Once you pass the initial dreaming stage and are ready to take action, make sure you think through all of the ramifications. This is not a time to be impulsive, but rather a chance to think long-term about how cosmetic surgery will impact your life—both physically and financially.

There are some costs outside the procedure fee that you may not have considered. Be prepared to accept the financial ramifications of taking time off work, hiring help with the kids or pets while you’re healing, and any supplies you’ll need during recovery.

Consider Your Finances Before the Initial Consultation

During your consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your needs and overall physical health to make a recommendation on which procedures are best for you. In order to have a fruitful conversation about the possibilities, it’s helpful to have a general sense of your financial situation and how surgery will affect your overall budget.

The good news is that the practice’s staff will help you figure out financing after the consultation and before scheduling the surgery itself. If you can evaluate your financial goals in advance, it can allow you to schedule your surgery right away.

Be Open to Other Options

Be careful not to pursue a procedure you can’t realistically afford. If you’re wishing for a procedure that is beyond what you can afford, be open to other options. For example, if you’re thinking about a facelift, but are concerned about cost, perhaps a laser treatment or injectables like BOTOX® and Sculptra® Aesthetic can help you address wrinkles while staying in your price range.

Don’t Pick A Surgeon Based on Cost Alone

Unlike a car or a new computer, getting a good deal isn’t necessarily a bargain. In fact, a bargain procedure may cost you much more in the end, as providers that discount too heavily are often cutting corners on safety. Choose a board certified surgeon with plenty of experience in the procedure you want, as well as an accredited operating room, qualified staff, and good reviews. A good surgeon will be more concerned with positive outcomes than with being the cheapest in town.

Get Help Choosing the Right Financing Option

If you know you’ll need financing, don’t hesitate to start by scheduling a consultation with a qualified practice that states financing is offered on their website. After you meet with a doctor, you’ll have a sense of what procedures will work for you, and then you can get help from a staff member who can quote exact fees and knows all about patient financing options. One word of caution: before you sign up for a specific financing option, make sure that you can realistically afford the monthly payments and that this financial plan is a good fit for you.

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