How to Tell a Great Tummy Tuck? The Belly Button!

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One of the goals of an experienced plastic surgeon is to produce natural-looking results. We strive for a successful procedure, and after your recovery, you should expect to look better than you did before the surgery. When you undergo an Atlanta tummy tuck, you want to sport flat abs, with minimally visible scarring and a natural-looking belly button. After all, the navel is the focal point of your tummy. You want to flaunt it!

Our own Dr. Joseph Raniere has developed an interesting technique for creating great belly buttons during a tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty). Nicknamed the infinity umbilicoplasty (because the incision resembles the car brand’s logo), the results of the procedure leave you with a smooth, soft contour around your navel with virtually no trace of the surgery. The technique attaches the lower part of your belly button deep into the abdominal wall. Once the swelling subsides and your recovery progresses, you’re left with a normal-looking, gently rounded navel.

Dr. Raniere often sees patients who are unsatisfied with a previous tummy tuck, primarily due to the decidedly unnatural appearance of the navel. Consequently, he often uses the infinity technique in his tummy tuck revision cases, and employs it routinely in his own abdominoplasty procedures.

In addition to restoring your belly button to a more natural state, a tummy tuck revision is helpful for removing remaining skin or improving unsightly or excessive scarring. If you’re afraid to show your navel, you’re missing out on a great benefit of doing the surgery in the first place!

A tummy tuck is an ideal choice if you’ve lost weight and have an exercise regimen, but still have excess fat and skin around your abdomen. Heredity, aging, dramatic weight loss, and pregnancy can leave the tissue and muscles loose and sagging. After a certain point, your abdomen won’t respond further to exercise. An abdominoplasty tightens the abdomen, repairing lax muscles and removing loose skin, leaving you with a toned, firm profile. Liposuction can complement and refine a tummy tuck.

If you’re unhappy with a previous tummy tuck, you may be a candidate for a revision surgery with infinity umbilicoplasty. Of course, additional surgery requires more expense and additional recovery time—so to avoid the extra hassle, get a great tummy tuck done right the first time at Advanced Aesthetics! Contact us for a consultation.


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