I Don’t Understand—Is “PureLipo” the same as “SmartLipo”? Is a “Lunchtime Lift” Different From a “Quick Lift”?

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If you’re confused by all the cosmetic product and procedure names you might have run across on the Internet, we sympathize with you. It seems that there’s a new procedure introduced every day that promises to solve all your aesthetic issues.

To further complicate matters, the names often go viral, and all sorts of crazy variations show up: PureLipo becomes Purlipo, and CoolSculpting becomes Coolshulting! It’s becoming very difficult to understand what each procedure or product provides because of the sheer volume of information (and misinformation!) available on cosmetic treatments. Some of this info is good, and some of it is not so good.

Then there are terms that become popular with the public but have no true medical definition. For example, have you ever heard of a “lunchtime facelift”? It can mean very different things according to the practice that is advertising that procedure, and unfortunately, one man’s lunchtime facelift is not another’s. To avoid confusion, we try not to use jargon to describe our procedures at Advanced Aesthetics. We believe it’s important that you know the proper names of the services we offer and that you understand what you can realistically expect from a particular surgery or nonsurgical treatment.

Confusing and inappropriate procedure names tend to make light of medical procedures—but it’s a serious business! So, while we don’t offer a so-called “lunchtime lift” or a “quick lift,” we do provide a full range of both non-surgical and surgical options to lift your appearance. We will also provide you with a thorough description of what each procedure involves.

If you have cosmetic issues you think may be solved by the latest procedure you read about on the Internet, please come visit us for a down-to-earth, complimentary consultation. We’ll be real with you. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons has over 45 years of combined experience and your surgeon can suggest the treatment approach that best suits your needs. Even better, they will explain it in terms you can understand! Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our cosmetic surgeons.

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