Makeovers Aren’t Just for Moms—Now It’s Dad’s Turn

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While women have been getting “Mommy Makeovers” for years, fathers have had nothing comparable. Until now. We’d like to introduce the concept of the “Daddy Do-Over:” a combination of procedures to reshape a dad’s entire torso.

Moms often experience unwanted changes in their breasts and overall shape due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, metabolic changes, and genetics. A Mommy Makeover is designed to undo all that … but what about the dads who’ve developed stubborn pockets of fat while helping to raise the kids? Don’t they deserve some kind of mulligan?

A Daddy Do-Over combines multiple procedures to effectively remodel a man’s physique. First, male breast reduction or liposuction to the chest is used to get rid of man boobs (a common medical condition called gynecomastia). Liposuction of the flanks further improves a dad’s outlines. Finally, liposculpture of the upper and lower abdomen can help dads get a more defined “six pack.”

By combining targeted liposuction with gynecomastia reduction, our surgeons can provide dads with a body they can show off at the pool, in the gym, or on the street. Men had 796,086 cosmetic procedures last year in the United States, and it’s not unusual to see male patients at our offices at Advanced Aesthetics, PC. Like women, guys can regain their self-confidence when they feel good about the way they look.

Men who want a Daddy Do-Over can schedule a consultation with one of our board certified Atlanta plastic surgeons. We’ll be honest about what will work for you. A Daddy Do-Over is not a weight-loss method; it’s for men within range of their ideal weight, but are bothered by enlarged breasts and have stubborn fat deposits. If that sounds like you, why not get a covert surgical assist? When people ask if you’ve “been working out a lot,” it could be pretty satisfying to just smile and say, “Yeah.”


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