New Year’s Predictions: Less Wrinkles, Beautiful Breasts, Skinny Jeans, Buff Bod!

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’Tis the season for prognostications! We predict a more youthful and shapely 2013 for all. Here is our forecast for the New Year:

  • We see you standing front and center for the new office photo. Weren’t you camera shy before? In 2013, reduce the signs of facial aging with transformative injectables like BOTOX®, Juvéderm®, and Sculptra®. You’ll be looking for places to go and people to see with your fresh new look.
  • We predict we’ll see you at a party in a stunning, form-fitting dress. What created this remarkable change in the girl who was once a wallflower? A breast augmentation has made you more shapely and increased your self-confidence. You’ll be the life of all the parties in 2013 after those added curves release your inner social butterfly.
  • We see you frolicking on the beach in a new bikini. Yes, you—the person who would never take off her cover-up! Your hips, thighs, and waist are smooth and proportional after liposuction. You’ll be counting down the days until summer, not dreading them.
  • We see a soccer mom sporting a tank top and skinny jeans. Wait a minute—weren’t you the one who covered up at the games, even when it was hot? In 2013, a mommy makeover can help you lose the muffin-top, regain your pre-pregnancy body, and have you leading the cheers on the sideline.
  • We predict you’ll look as young as you feel. You’re healthy and fit—all those dance classes are paying off!—but your face is betraying your age. A facelift can eliminate wrinkles, smooth your skin, and make you look years younger.

We’re not making predictions for the girls only; we have a few insights for the fellas, too. Here are a couple:

  • We see a sculpted dude on the bench press. Just look in the mirror—that’s you! The fella who wouldn’t dare take his t-shirt off has the other guys wondering how he got buff so quickly. Our chest sculpting procedures will help you reach your goals in the New Year.
  • We predict you will get your dream job in 2013. What will make this happen? An eyelid lift makes you look just as vital and energetic as the younger applicants, while your maturity and experience makes you a shoe-in. Carpe diem!

The future looks very bright for you in 2013.  Come see us for a free consultation and make our predictions come true!


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