Our Favorite “Augmented” Cartoons

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Ever wondered how Jessica Rabbit got her smokin’ curves? Or what Prince Charming does to stay so perfectly hairless? Maybe they got a little cosmetic help along the way.

Woman in RedLooking perfect is easy when you’re a cartoon: animators ensure no hair is out of place and that your proportions are out of this world. We don’t recommend using Snow White as your plastic surgery inspiration, but here are some of our favorite cartoon characters who look like they’ve had a little extra help.

Gaston’s Outrageously Square Jaw

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast wouldn’t be the same without Gaston’s easily dislikable personality—or his chiseled jaw. This character’s flawless appearance is the main reason for his narcissistic ways, but we’ve always thought he looked just a little too perfect. Could that dimple on his chin be the work of a skilled plastic surgeon? Chin augmentation might be his secret to a strong, manly jaw.

Betty and Veronica Get a Big Boost

The gals from Archie Comics always looked pretty amazing in in their beach attire, but recent years show them filling out their skimpy bikinis a little more fully. While it may be a natural development, it seems Betty and Veronica could have gotten some extra help. Maybe breast augmentation gave them the alluring curves Archie and the gang can’t resist.

Jessica Rabbit’s Got Curves in All the Right Places

How did Jessica Rabbit get so smokin’ hot? Surely that impossibly tiny waist paired with an ample bosom and an extra round derriére can’t be real. Should a nip here and a tuck there get the credit for her va va voom? We’re sure Roger isn’t complaining whether she’s had a little body contouring or not!

Daphne’s Tiny Waist

There’s something suspect about Daphne: her perfectly trim waistline never wavered during her stint as Scooby Doo’s clever friend in the bright purple dress. Even if she stayed away from the Scooby snacks, staying that slim is no easy feat. Maybe she has liposuction to thank for her tiny waist and exaggerated contours.

Can you think of other cartoon characters with features that are too good to be true? Let us know your favorite cartoon faces and figures in the comments below!

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