People Will Try Anything! Wacky Cosmetic Treatments

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Would you consider having snails crawl on your face to look younger? Perhaps having the lines in your palms lengthened for better luck? Believe it or not, these are just a few of the wacky cosmetic treatments people are getting these days. Although we see great results from the traditional procedures we offer at Advanced Aesthetics, we thought you might enjoy reading about some of these kooky approaches.

While very few of us are completely satisfied with our faces and bodies, some folks are willing to go to great lengths to improve any perceived imperfections. In Japan and Korea, people are indeed visiting their local cosmetic surgeons to have their palm lines extended—or to have entirely new lines created. In hopes of increasing their fortunes, patients have their palms transformed with an electric scalpel—men are said to favor altering the lines predicting success or financial gain, while women most often want to change their marriage lines.

Another Japanese trend that may or may not make it stateside is the practice of placing snails on the face; it’s hoped that the slow-moving creatures will leave a trail of gooey slime said to reduce the signs of aging and clear up acne. The beneficial effects of the slime were noted by farmers who cultivated the snails for escargot—if they were injured while handling the snails, they saw that their skin healed quickly with little scarring. Our solution to facial aging is more likely to involve injectables or a gold-standard procedure such as a facelift, but if you want to try snails, go for it!

While the aforementioned treatments are being done outside of the United States, we have our own share of cosmetic procedures that could be considered somewhat outlandish, too. Would you think about getting plastic surgery to shorten your toes if you had trouble wearing the latest shoe styles? How about having a little filler injected into the balls of your feet so those four-inch heels are a little more comfortable? Both of these treatments are performed in this country. In the latest story to attract some media attention, a cosmetic surgeon in California is implanting hard plastic patches on the tongues of weight-loss patients to make eating painful—gathering a lot of negative criticism from board-certified plastic surgeons in the process.

As a matter of fact, weird cosmetic treatments have been going on for centuries. An early form of plastic surgery was actually performed by the Egyptians—but on the dead, not the living. They believed that mummified faces would reappear in their shrunken form in the afterlife, so they inserted bones and fillers in the shrunken noses and cheekbones of mummies to restore them to their original shape. Speaking of the Egyptians, they were also fond of using leeches; actress Demi Moore admitted to leech therapy several years ago to detoxify her body, presumably to improve her health and appearance.

While we’re amused by some of these treatments done in the name of beauty, we tend to favor more standard, scientifically based approaches for improving your appearance. We don’t have any snails or leeches in our office! If you have any questions about legitimate cosmetic treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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