Plastic Surgery for Pets: Perfect or Pointless?

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puppy and modelPet plastic surgery may sound outrageous, but is it ever medically necessary? Sometimes! This article from CBS News lays out the somewhat silly, but also fascinating, truth about plastic surgery for your pets.

The topic runs the gamut, from heart-warming to ridiculous. Have you ever heard of neuticles? They’re silicone implants for male dogs who yearn for their lost testicles after being neutered. Don’t let your dog be ashamed to lift his leg at the dog park! This one is strictly cosmetic.

But animal plastic surgery isn’t always just for show. Several breeds suffer from genetic challenges that make basic life functions like breathing and seeing difficult. There are a few plastic surgery procedures that are good for pet health as well as looks.

Shar-Peis, for example, have deep folds that can sometimes block their eyes. Entropion surgery raises the dog’s eyelids for better vision—basically an eye lift for your pooch. Brachycephalic syndrome blocks the trachea, making it difficult for dogs like Pugs to breathe normally. Doggie “nose jobs” can make breathing easier for dogs with scrunched up faces.

Can plastic surgery help your pet be Best in Show? Maybe, though most of us won’t be putting Rover under the knife for looks alone. But now you won’t be surprised if your vet recommends a little nip and tuck to simply help your dog feel his or her best!

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