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Abdominoplasty in Atlanta

abdominoplasty atlanta

Are you unhappy with your reflection in the mirror?

Perhaps you see your belly protruding, or you have excess fat in your abdomen. Maybe you’ve lost that trim proportional figure you had before children or before you gained weight. A tummy tuck may help you regain the sleek profile you once had.

Come in and discuss your concerns with our team of experienced, board certified plastic surgeons. There are a variety of options for tummy tuck surgery with natural results, and liposuction may also be used to complement the surgical procedure. The surgeons at Advanced Aesthetics can help you decide which approach is best to meet your aesthetic goals.


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Abdominoplasty in Atlanta is commonly performed with liposuction. Total body contouring can include outer thigh lift, inner thigh lift, breast lift with or without implants, or breast reduction.

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What is abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty contours your belly. It removes the unwanted excess skin and the unwanted excess fat, while tightening the muscles of your abdomen. If you have stretch mark or scars on your lower belly, the abdominoplasty may completely remove them. Quite often, we also recommend liposuction to remove the excess fat of the hips, thighs, and flanks.

We invite you to call for a complimentary consultation at our beautiful facility. Our Surgical Coordinators will speak with you on your first phone call, answer your introductory questions, and schedule a consultation at one of our four convenient locations. During your visit, you will see an educational video and meet with our friendly doctors. They will explain all your options, including the risks and benefits of the procedures you select.

Tummy tuck surgery and recovery

We perform abdominoplasty at our State Licensed, Certified Surgi-Center in Fayetteville, GA. Our patients are put under epidural anesthesia, but the procedure begins with intravenous sedation, inducing a gentle sleep that allows us to administer the epidural anesthesia without any pain or discomfort. When you awaken after the surgery, the epidural will keep you comfortable. Then we use On-Q Painbuster Post-Op Pain Pumps, which start working before your epidural wears off. You will spend 30–60 minutes in our recovery room before your discharge home.

We use very sophisticated techniques to keep you comfortable at home, as well. The On-Q Painbuster Post Op Pain Pumps anesthetize the area operated on so you will require less narcotics, and therefore have less sedation, less constipation, and less nausea. You are usually able to return to your normal daily activities in two weeks and will be ready for post-op pictures in six weeks.

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