Reinventing Your Look for Fall

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Fall is a critical time of year to be aware of your skin care and your health. Over the warm summer months, we get used to staying healthy without really trying: summery foods tend to be lighter and nutritious, exercise comes easily as we spend time outdoors and your skin stays naturally hydrated thanks to higher humidity levels. As the cooler seasons return, we have to remember not to take these things for granted. Keeping your skin and body healthy in the fall isn’t difficult as long as you stick to a plan — which means it’s the perfect time to create a routine that will revamp your look.

An Apple a Day

Eating right in the fall is doubly beneficial: it can help you maintain your physique and it can also improve your skin. Many essential vitamins and minerals come from our food, some of which are excellent for our skin; but other ingredients like oils, fats and sugars are known irritants. Many fall comfort foods — Halloween sweets, seasonal pies and spiced lattes — contain these irritants, and are best avoided or consumed in moderation to keep your body and your skin in top shape.

Fortunately, many seasonal fall foods are excellent sources of skin- and diet-friendly nutrients. Pumpkin and other squashes, sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens are high in vitamin A, which are linked to anti-aging, improved cell turnover and skin strength. Additionally, apples, everyone’s fall favorite, are an excellent source of fiber. Snacking on fibrous fruits and vegetables is a great dieting trick: fiber can help you feel full faster, so a single apple can keep you satiated for longer than a bag of chips. Adding healthy seasonal foods to your diet is a great way to add glowing skin and a slimmer figure to your fall look.

Get Moving

Strenuous exercise like running or biking can be difficult in the summer, especially here in Georgia where it’s hot and humid. During the summer months, you may find yourself sweating uncomfortably even before you start your workout. But the cooler and crisper fall air is perfect for these kinds of exercises. While it may get a little too chilly to take long walks on the beach or swim laps in the pool, you’ll likely find it easier to get your heart rate up with outdoor activities as the air gets less humid.

Scheduling a workout into your day may also be easier now that the hectic days of summer have ended. By this time in the fall, you’ve likely settled back into a regular pattern of work, school or other obligations. Whether you want to make more time for the gym or squeeze in a jog every morning, you’ll be able to stick to it without worrying about travel or activity interruptions. Adding healthy habits to your daily routine is a great way to reinvent your look not only for the fall but also for your lifetime.

Your Best Face Forward

If you are seeking a way to refresh your appearance quickly before you start to work on your long-term health, fall is also a great time to schedule a pick-me-up procedure at Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, like a facelift, BOTOX or dermal filler. All of these procedures require a bit of downtime, and you will heal best if you stay out of the sun while you recover. By scheduling them in the fall, you won’t have to worry about missing out on outdoor activities, and you can ensure that you’re recovered and looking your best before the holiday season kicks in.

These procedures can elevate your look, especially after a summer spent in the harsh sun and as the fall air becomes cold and drying. If you feel like your fine lines and wrinkles have gotten worse in the last few months, you can fix them with the procedures we offer at Advanced Aesthetics. A facelift might be right for you if you are ready to start the fall with a clean slate — a fresh and younger look that will last for years. If you have fewer lines or more targeted goals, you can opt for BOTOX or a dermal filler.

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Now is the time to embrace everything this season has to offer and give yourself a fresh start this fall. To learn more about skin procedures available to you at our Georgia locations in Fayetteville, Ashley Park, McDonough and La Grange, call Advanced Aesthetics today at 770-461-4000. You can schedule a consultation with us to determine which procedures are right to reinvent your look.

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