Should plastic surgeons charge a consultation fee?

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To charge or not to charge, that is the question Plastic Surgeons face when establishing policies for their initial consultation for cosmetic procedures. Some surgeons are worried that patients will waste their time if they do not charge a fee. Others “hedge their bet” by charging prospective patients a consultation fee that they can later apply toward a procedure if the patient schedules surgery.

We at Advanced Aesthetics take a different approach. Our initial consultation for Cosmetic surgery is FREE (complimentary), regardless whether a prospective patient schedules surgery or not. We offer this “service” for a number of reasons:

  1. We enjoy seeing patients. A consultation is not a chore for us. Rather, it is an opportunity to meet a new person and discuss a topic we feel passionate about.
  2. Many people are unsure about what exactly they need or want from a Cosmetic Surgeon, especially with regard to:
    • Aging Face. We often hear, “Do I need surgery or would a non-surgical procedure be effective?”
    • Body Contouring. Similarly, people ask us, “Do I need an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or would Liposuction be effective?”
    • Breast Enhancement. A common question is, “Do I need a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) or would a Breast Augmentation be effective?”

    We prefer that perspective patients talk with us early in their process, so they can learn about the proper treatment plan and also ask why we recommend the treatment plan we do. A successful consultation leaves people with the knowledge and confidence to proceed and not second-guess themselves.

  3. We are confident—and our statistics bear this out—that once you meet us, you will want to have your surgery at Advanced Aesthetics. Our doctors are personable and attentive, our staff is first rate, our facility is outstanding, and our pricing is very competitive and value-oriented.
  4. We welcome patients who already had a consultation elsewhere. Schedule a consultation with us for a second opinion. We are confident that you will feel more confident with us because we spend more time with you, we will inform you more, and we will explain your options better than many other practices, especially if they do not offer the full menu of cosmetic surgical procedure that we do.
  5. Many patients need to know the actual cost of a procedure so they can financially plan for it. There may be other outlets to obtain a “ballpark estimate” for a surgery, but after our consultation, you will know exactly which Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedure is recommended and what the exact price for it is. That is a promise.

Call today to schedule your free Cosmetic Plastic Surgery consultation.

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