The Advantages of a Short-Scar Facelift

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When you first consider a facelift, do your homework and talk to a board certified plastic surgeon before you make any decision. There are many face lift options. You can lift specific parts of your face through an eyelid lift, a brow lift, or a neck lift. Or you can have a specific type of facelift, such as a short-scar facelift.

Who can benefit from this procedure?

The short scar facelift sounds like something everyone would choose if they could. Who doesn’t want shorter scars? But this procedure—also called a “MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) lift”—is not for everyone. Men in particular can benefit from a short-scar face lift because the procedure does not alter the hairline. In a short-scar facelift, the incision is front of the ear rather than behind it. As a result, the hairline isn’t affected and there’s no scar left behind the ear. We at Advanced Aesthetics, PC, believe that a small scar—especially one you won’t notice unless you really look for it—is better than a distorted hairline.

A short-scar facelift is also one of the most effective procedures for the mid-facial sag that hits people hardest in their 40s and 50s. Furthermore, men and women who do not want the drastic measure of a full facelift may be candidates for the short-scar technique.

How is this procedure different?

The procedure gets its name from the fact that the incisions needed are shorter than those of the traditional procedure. Although the short scar facelift places a scar in front of the temple hair line, this is usually less noticeable than an altered hairline. While it is noticeable on close scrutiny, it usually heals better (in terms of thickness) than the scar behind the ear.

Another advantage of a short scar facelift is a shorter recovery time. Traditionally, it takes up to three weeks to recover from a full facelift surgery. Short scar face lift patients have their stitches removed in 7 to 10 days. They can normally return to work after two weeks. Some patients take even less time. Any kind of surgery always involves some bruising and swelling, and everyone heals at a different rate. Your results may vary.

Schedule a consultation with a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon at Advanced Aesthetics, PC, to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure. During your visit, your plastic surgeon will explain the procedure in detail, including the incision points and the method for re-draping. A full facelift stretches the skin up and back, while the short-scar technique pulls the skin straight up, which is more in line with the direction of gravity. Your procedure details can vary, of course, based on your particular needs and facial structure. Only by speaking with an experienced surgeon can you know for sure. Contact us to find out.


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