The Newest Fashion Accessory is Kate Middleton’s Nose!

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It seems that Duchess Kate is setting trends for more than just maternity clothes. Women across America, particularly in New York, are bringing pictures of the English royal to their plastic surgeons in hopes of duplicating Kate Middleton’s nose.

The phenomenon has been going on in Great Britain for a while now. The popularity of Kate Middleton’s nose was evident in 2012 when it became the most requested celebrity-based procedure in that country. Reports from the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, and Fox News put Kate’s nose at near-perfect in regards to its symmetry and design. The tip of her nose is very defined and there’s just the right amount of space between that tip and the top of her lip.

And while many women may want to get Kate Middleton’s nose, not everyone can wear it as well as she does. Before you get your heart set on what some surgeons are calling the “Duchess Nose Package,” there are some important things you should know about rhinoplasty. Surgery of the nose is a very individualized procedure that can change a number of features, such as making the tip less bulbous, reducing its width at the bridge, reshaping the nostrils, and removing bumps, but it can’t change your overall anatomy. After discussing the options with your doctor, you may come to realize that Kate’s nose on your face will not give you the best profile.

Pictures are helpful to give your doctor an idea of what you hope to achieve. Remember though, that celebrities often get their pictures touched up and they seldom allow pictures that show their bad sides (even if you think Kate doesn’t have a bad side). However, a photo does give you and your surgeon a good place to start the conversation about your goals.

You also need to have a thorough exam by your doctor before you jointly decide on a surgical approach. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that you’ve got to be realistic about the possibilities before you set your sights on a specific result from a rhinoplasty. Furthermore, normal breathing is sometimes affected by a structural problem that can affect the direction of the surgery.

So perhaps you won’t end up with Kate Middleton’s nose after your rhinoplasty, but an experienced plastic surgeon can help you achieve the result that best suits your unique face. Come see our team at Advanced Aesthetics and we’ll give you the royal treatment!

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