Somebody Getting Married? Tips for Great Wedding Photos

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It’s that time of year again, folks. Summer in Atlanta means lemonade in the shade, high air-conditioning bills and—you guessed it—wedding season. Whether you’re a soon-to-be newlywed or on the guest list, one thing’s a given during these months of matrimony—there will be a lot of photo ops.

iStock_000006022726Medium copyWe came across some great tips on how to get great wedding photos from Atlanta photographer Matthew Druin. In this short but helpful piece, Druin outlines the most important things he’s learned from capturing couples’ big days.

If you’re getting married this summer, this is a must-read piece. From timing the groom’s first look at his bride (or not—read the tips for the full scoop) to making sure those “must have” shots turn out the way you want, there’s one common theme we can see that’s key to wedding-day snapshot success: excellent communication, with your photographer and your family.

Even if you’ll just be enjoying the cake and champagne, these tips are an interesting read. Pay special attention to Tip #3. Understanding the storytelling approach that many photographers use these days can increase your chances of making a special appearance in the couple’s wedding album.

And don’t forget—looking your best in wedding photos starts with, well, looking your best! Advanced Aesthetics will be happy to help you take care of that part. If you’d like to refine your shape to wow them in your dress or simply give your glowing skin a boost, we’ve got options to meet any time frame. Why not call (770) 461-4000 and schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more?


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