Transaxillary Breast Augmentation—Who is it good for?

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Trans-axillary breast augmentation is a specific technique for breast enhancement that places the incision in the armpit (axilla) and not on the breast mound. The “trans-ax” approach is particularly useful for women with:

  • very small, underdeveloped breasts,
  • a small areola, and
  • breasts that are high on the chest wall.

The small areola precludes using a peri-areola (incision around the lower half of the areola) because the opening is not large enough to allow the placement of an implant. Underdeveloped breasts have no “tuck” to hide a scar located on the bottom half of the breast mound. The breast mound needs to be higher on the chest wall to keep the distance between the armpit incision and the breast dissection to a manageable distance. A saline-filled breast implant is used because the armpit incision is too small to accommodate a silicone gel implant.

A trans-ax breast augmentation is a little more expensive than a standard breast augmentation because it requires more advanced equipment, such as a video endoscope, and because it may also take more time. In the right patient, however, the Trans-axillary augmentation mammoplasty is an excellent procedure that leaves no surgical scar on the breast mound.

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