The Ultimate Bonding Experience: Couples Plastic Surgery?

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It’s officially a trend now. Instead of growing old together, couples are instead choosing to grow young together. Reports from around the country tell of couples who are electing to undergo cosmetic procedures simultaneously. Instead of a trip to the beach, they’re taking a trip to the plastic surgeon—and loving it.

And why not enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery with your partner? Couples support each other and share the excitement of looking younger and feeling more vibrant after their procedures.

Cosmetic surgeons started noticing this trend a few years ago, as this Today show segment reports. Many credit the relaxed attitudes toward plastic surgery that men now have as one of the driving forces behind this growing trend. “If you’re gonna look good, I wanna look good!” said a New Jersey man to his wife during the interview.

The Sun Sentinel also reports that plastic surgeons are seeing a rise in husband and wife plastic surgery, as well as couples surgery for domestic partners. Procedures requested range from BOTOX® and dermal filler injections to liposuction and facelifts. One surgeon reported that many couples who seek procedures are in their 50s or 60s, are accepting of one another, and are completely comfortable having a joint discussion with a plastic surgeon about aesthetic treatments.

Having cosmetic surgery with a partner is not a new concept. In January, we told you about duos of a different type: mothers and daughters who had procedures together and ended up becoming closer as a result. When undergoing surgery with a partner, surgeons often recommend that the procedures be spaced out a week or two, so that the partners can tend to each other during the initial recovery phase and drive each other back and forth for the follow-up visits. Non-invasive treatments can often be done for both partners at the same time.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even see this trend make its way into the wedding vows of future generations, with couples pledging to stick together “in sickness, in health, and through cosmetic surgery!”

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