Want to Look Like Your Favorite Star Wars Character? Now You Can!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that the new Star Wars film is out. The Force Awakens has fans new and old excitedly anticipating a reunion with their favorite characters after more than 30 years—and companies are using the opportunity to rebrand popular products to appeal to fans.

A perfect example comes from CoverGirl, who recently released a Star Wars inspired makeup collection that includes limited edition colors and products geared toward the light or dark side. The well-known cosmetics brand went all out in their marketing efforts, including working with famous makeup artists to design six signature looks using the new products.

While the official designs are sure to please, we were reminded of just how many talented beauty gurus out there have come up with their own Star Wars inspired looks. We’ve rounded up some our favorite Star Wars makeup tutorials below!

The Best of the Dark Side

Storm Trooper Makeup by Alexa Poletti

Why we love it: While this look isn’t exactly work-appropriate, we like that her interpretation is more natural and wearable.

Darth Maul Tutorial by Madeyewlook

Why we love it: Expertly wielding a makeup brush is no easy feat, but no one can deny that the right tools and products can produce some magical results. This look brings the character to life through 3D application techniques without the use of any prosthetics.

Light Side vs. Dark Side by Tasha Leelyn

Why we love it: This artist takes the official CoverGirl looks and tones them down for a more subtle, wearable interpretation.

Lovely Looks for the Light Side

Jedi Makeup by Jbunzie

Why we love it: even if you’re not a Jedi, this look is sure to please. With a soft, glowing color palette, it’s a subtle interpretation that can absolutely be worn out and about.

BB-8 Face Painting by lisajoyyoung

Why we love it: BB-8 is the droid we were looking for, and this artist captures his look perfectly.

What are some of your favorite Star Wars-inspired looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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