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Did you know that Atlanta has made several “best of” lists? While these are seemingly unrelated, we think there just might be a connection. Read on so we can explain.

We made the top ten in two different lists that rated the best cities in the U.S. to have plastic surgery. In a finding that surprised even the folks who compiled one of the lists, Atlanta was rated the #2 best city for plastic surgery, based on the number of board-certified plastic surgeons per capita. In a similar list with slightly different criteria, Atlanta was rated #8.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The same group that rated us #8 for best plastic surgery city—totalbeauty.com, a beauty advice and review site—also rated us #8 in America’s best looking cities! It’s no surprise to us that we have some of the prettiest people in the U.S. Does this have anything to do with all the great plastic surgeons in the area? We’d like to think so.

The competition for attention is huge in our thriving metropolis, one of the reasons plastic surgery is so popular. But it’s not just about one-upping your neighbors; it’s about keeping step with the trends and being on top of your game. You know who the pretty people are—all you have to do is look in the mirror and on any fashion-forward street corner in the city. We can also point to the great-looking celebs that have graced our streets like Julia Roberts, Usher, and John Mayer. It’s no wonder that Atlanta is one of top places to have plastic surgery!

Talent attracts talent, and beauty attracts beauty. Just as we have beautiful people, Atlanta has its fair share of talented plastic surgeons to choose from to get your face and body tweaked and lifted. Our residents can choose from some of the nation’s most talented cosmetic surgeons, and we like to think that we have some of the best and the brightest in this town of beautiful people. Contact us today for a consultation.

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