What Men Really Want: Popular Cosmetic Procedures for the Guys

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We know that you guys want to look your best too! In fact, each year growing numbers of men choose to enhance their look with a cosmetic procedure. In 2012, 9 percent of the total cosmetic procedures done in the country were performed on men; they received more than 1.2 million procedures. That’s a 5 percent increase from 2011, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

And the work was not just to deflate the spare tire men often develop in middle age. In addition to liposuction (which targets that troublesome midsection), the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men include rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. Rhinoplasty can create a more balanced profile, while eyelid surgery can take years off your face. In fact, eyelid surgery has become so popular with businessmen that it’s been nicknamed the “executive surgery.” Many men seek eyelid rejuvenation to help them compete with a younger generation of professionals. Our board certified plastic surgeons know that men don’t want exaggerated results for facial procedures, so our facial plastic surgery for men focuses on natural-looking changes.

Liposuction is very popular with men because it can sculpt almost any part of the body where stubborn fat deposits linger. Spare tire aside, it can also be used to create a more defined neck; reduce the love handles at the waist; and address enlarged male breasts. (Treatment for gynecomastia—excessively large male breasts—is also a top procedure for men.) Liposuction can also be also used to fine-tune the results of surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck or a facelift. (Yes, men have these procedures too!)

Like women, men have taken to nonsurgical procedures in record numbers, too. BOTOX® injections and laser hair removal (manscaping, anyone?) were the top two minimally-invasive procedures for men in 2012. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and dermal fillers, the other top aesthetic treatments for men, renew the face and can help you to prepare for a big job interview or look refreshed for a class reunion. Injectables and laser hair removal require no downtime, which is important to many of our male patients.

Fellas, we are here for you. Our surgeons are happy to talk to you—man to man—about the issues that concern you. We offer free consultations at Advanced Aesthetics, and each member of our team will take time to answer all your questions and explain the procedures until you completely understand each step of the process. We’ll look at before-and-after pictures and discuss your aesthetic goals. Then, we’ll develop a manly treatment plan just for you!

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