What to Know Before Having a Mommy Makeover

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When you choose to become a mother, you are committing to changing your life forever — and in so many ways, these changes are for the better. But pregnancy and motherhood are notoriously hard on women’s bodies. Between stretch marks, weight gain, breastfeeding and limited time to themselves, many mothers struggle to keep their bodies in shape following the birth of the children. Plus, some changes, like stretched skin or sagging breasts, will simply not respond to diet and exercise. If your post-pregnancy body is taking a heavy toll on your self-confidence and happiness, the suite of plastic surgeries known as a “mommy makeover” can be an option. A typical mommy makeover includes procedures like liposuction, a breast lift and a tummy tuck, focusing on restoring a flatter tummy and smoother curves. But before you decide that a mommy makeover is your best or only solution, you should learn the facts and consult with a plastic surgeon about your surgery goals.

Know the Limitations

Plastic surgery can be very effective for the right client, but it is not a cure-all that can fix any concern for any person. A mommy makeover may not be the right choice for someone who wants to lose weight, for example, or for someone who is not prepared to pair their surgery with healthy habits. The ideal mommy makeover candidate is already in good physical shape but has stubborn deposits of fat or loose skin that have not changed despite diet and exercise. The body sculpting surgeries that comprise a mommy makeover, in particular, are better suited for a client who can pinpoint areas of their body that they want to change — liposuction is most effective on highly concentrated areas of fat and a tummy tuck primarily targets loose skin. We always recommend using diet and exercise as your first course of action and choosing plastic surgery after you are sure that it is necessary to achieve your goals.

Know the Risks

Just like any surgery, choosing a mommy makeover means you are accepting the risks that come with undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Some of these risks mean that certain women are not good candidates for mommy makeovers. If you smoke or have health concerns related to blood clotting or immune responses, you may not be able to undergo surgery due to a heightened potential for complications. You should also avoid having a mommy makeover until you are finished having children — there is a chance that your breast surgery may interfere with your ability to breastfeed, and there is no guarantee that the results of your surgery will last if you become pregnant again. Your surgeon will be able to help illuminate and correct for any risks that are particular to your body and your health. To ensure your lowest possible chances of complications, be sure to communicate your health history clearly during your consultation.

Know the Costs

Depending on where you receive your mommy makeover and on the procedures that your package includes, these surgeries significantly range in cost. Plastic surgeons whose practices are in major cities or who are highly sought-after will likely charge higher prices. For women who can achieve their aesthetic goals with liposuction alone, the cost will be lower than for someone who will also require a tummy tuck. The mommy makeover is a highly customizable procedure, and your budget is one of the factors that your surgeon can use to help you come up with a plan for your surgery. However, you should be careful not to sacrifice your ideal results because you are concerned about costs — plastic surgery takes time and effort, and you want to ensure that it will be worth it when you have finished healing. Choosing a mommy makeover with a less expensive but less qualified provider, or choosing procedures that are more affordable but less effective, is usually advised against by more experienced surgeons.

Learn More from Your Surgeon

If you are interested in a mommy makeover but want to know more about the limitations, risks and costs and how these might impact you, you should schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. During your consultation, you can find out what a mommy makeover might be able to accomplish for you and what your options might be for keeping your risks low and your budget on track. In the Atlanta, Georgia area, the Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery team is here to be your first resource for your mommy makeover questions and concerns. Contact us today at 770-461-4000 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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