When to Combine Surgical Procedures

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The decision to get plastic surgery to enhance your physical appearance or to correct a physical flaw is just the beginning of the process. During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, discuss your goals and concerns. The surgeon will conduct a physical exam and then draw on his or her experience and expertise to present you with the options that can help you achieve the results you want. Depending on your unique case, your surgeon might suggest that you combine surgical procedures. Why is this sometimes a good idea?

Obtaining the Desired Results

Most likely, your plastic surgeon will suggest combining two or more plastic surgery procedures when your desired results cannot be feasibly achieved with a single procedure. Combining procedures can often enhance the overall results of each.

For example, a facelift patient might also consider eyelid surgery to improve the anti-aging results of the facelift. In this situation, the surgeon may determine that the patient’s eyelids make the eyes look older and that a facelift alone is not enough to achieve the patient’s desired youthful appearance. It’s all about the patient’s goals.

Here’s another example: A woman meets with a plastic surgeon to restore her pre-pregnancy abdomen. She’s done her homework and decided that a tummy tuck is what she needs, but her surgeon might suggest breast augmentation to further improve her overall figure and the shape of her body.

There are many factors involved in choosing procedures that are appropriate for you. Your plastic surgeon’s job is to provide options. It is up to both you and the surgeon to make the final decision.

Benefits of Combining Procedures

The benefits of combining cosmetic surgery procedures can vary, depending on the procedures and desired results. Fortunately, some benefits are common to all plastic surgery procedures.

  • You can often expect improved results by combining procedures. In some cases, a single procedure is not enough to reach your desired results. In other cases, the procedures can compliment each other.
  • Combining multiple procedures means a shorter total recovery time. In other words, recovering from two procedures done at the same time typically requires less total downtime than having the same procedures at separate times.
  • Combining plastic surgery procedures usually lowers the overall cost as well. You may save on the surgeon’s time, operating room costs, and anesthesia. You can sometimes save hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on your surgeon and the specific surgical procedures.


Deciding to combine plastic surgery procedures is ultimately a personal decision, although only a board certified plastic surgeon can determine which procedures best address your specific concerns. If your surgeon suggests combining surgical procedures, think of the benefits. It is as safe as a single procedure, and it can save you money and recovery time, while potentially improving your results.

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