Where Does All the Liposuctioned Fat Go?

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Over 325,000 people nationwide had a liposuction procedure in 2011 to rid their bodies of stubborn pockets of excess fat and to return to a sleeker, more pleasing shape. What happens to all of that liposuctioned fat after they’ve said “good riddance” to it? Fat can’t just disappear; if it could, you wouldn’t need a plastic surgeon’s help to suck it away. So where does it go? Surely not to where it went in “Fight Club”—no human fat makes its way into fancy soap. It can be put to good use, though, according to some intensive research:

  • Plumping Up the Skinny Parts. Have you ever heard a petite woman say, upon hearing that a friend is having liposuction, “You can give some of that fat to me!” It may be meant as a joke, but the truth isn’t far off. Liposuctioned fat can be injected back into a different area of your own body. That’s right: you can take fat from your belly and add it to your face to hide wrinkles. Research is currently being conducted to develop reliable ways to permanently move fat to other areas of the body as well.
  • Saving Lives. You may not like your excess fat, but someday in the future, it just might turn into a superhero. Liposuctioned fat cells contain stem cells, which have the potential to cure disease. Just think, that spare tire you can’t wait to get rid of might help save someone’s life one day.
  • Keeping Researchers Busy. Liposuctioned fat contains the answers to the mysteries of the universe, and researchers are working hard to find them. While that might be an exaggeration, liposuctioned fat may indeed contain the answers to some important questions, like how did you end up with too much of it in the first place?
  • Replacing Fuel—Not! One doctor took the idea of recycling a bit too far and converted harvested human fat into biodiesel fuel for his SUV. State medical boards have very strict rules regarding use and disposal of medical waste, so don’t expect to see more human fat-powered cars in the future.


Liposuction in Atlanta is so popular because it is an outpatient surgical procedure with a fairly quick recovery time. Make sure you choose the right doctor to perform your surgery. Contact the board certified plastic surgeons at Advanced Aesthetics, PC, for a consultation to learn if you are a candidate for this procedure.

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