Why we recommend Open Rhinoplasty over Closed Rhinoplasty

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One of the great debates among Plastic Surgeons is whether to use an Open Rhinoplasty or a Closed (Endo-nasal) Rhinoplasty. Sometimes, this debate is referred to as the “Scar Wars.” The traditional approach was Endo-nasal, for which all the surgical incisions are made inside the nose. Although this technique avoided any external or visible scars, it limited the Plastic Surgeon’s visibility and ability to perform certain suturing techniques to modify the cartilaginous structures of the nose.

We at Advanced Aesthetics have embraced the Open Rhinoplasty approach, which uses a short, stair-step or chevron-shaped incision across the columellar (the vertical pole of skin that separates the nostrils). The greatest advantage of this technique is that it allows the surgeon to better visualize the nose. The short incision, located in a low-lit area of the nose, is often imperceptible after it heals. This technique, however, exposes the cartilage structure of the lower nose, which allows for greater precision when reshaping the nose. The surgeon can see better to remove tissue and cartilage. More importantly, the surgeon can see with greater precision what structures are left.

The Open Rhinoplasty technique also allows Plastic Surgeons to use non-destructive techniques on the cartilage. We are therefore better able to reshape the nasal cartilage with sutures and to precisely fix grafts (or extra structures) onto the nose with greater precision and strength. These stronger sutures will retain their position against the pull or push of the subsequent scar tissue, meaning the nose will retain its new shape better, reducing complications and the need for additional surgeries.

What all this means is that if we can see the internal structures of your nose better, modify its structure more precisely, and keep the structures in position more securely, then we can achieve your desired nasal appearance with more predictability.

We offer Computerized Photo Imaging during our free Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Consultation to enhance your experience and understanding of what goals are realistically obtainable. This is an excellent communication tool to match your goals with the Plastic Surgeon’s understanding.

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